The event tech is overgrowing in the last decade; however, the current information management software does not deal with content performance evaluation, measurements, and distribution. Those digital tools marketing professionals used to in online environments do not exist while offline or at the event venues. Currently, available event software solutions use AI-based algorithms for leads generation, attendee behavioral patterns evaluation, while enhancing the overall experience, leaving a gap of content delivery & analysis.

Years of presenting at the professional events and trade shows around the globe, seeing the amounts of precious time and resources tossed away, lead us to seek an alternative way to deliver the vital information to its desired audience. Long months of preparing for the professional gatherings blindly, trying to guess which prints to hand out at the events forced our marketing teams to cope with enormous time waste each year. Budgets climbing over the roof, complicated logistics, ROI dropping down, low or no attendee engagement while delivering the message remained a doubt, and the recent addition to it all are public health concerns.

As an attendee, the frustration just grew more prominent. Carrying around a bag full of leaflets, brochures, datasheets, business cards, etc. while attending any professional event wasn't an easy task, and trying to solve the puzzle of it all afterward added to the overall feeling of unaccomplished job and missing the business target.

The focus is on generating a solution for easy access, orientation, and registration while on site. Professional attendees & corporative users seeking an effective way for informational content delivery are left unattended.

Environmental concern, sustainable development, and public health safety brought to the center of public attention, particularly during 2019, disregarding those topics is no longer an option. 2020 will mark the starting point for global change. Recycling is no longer enough to deal with landfill waste; using prints considered putting your staff and customers at risk for the variety of viruses spread. The better, safer, and effective way is reducing paper usage to a minimum is to adopt touch-less and wearable solutions. The technology does exist to make this shift happen; we have to start using it wisely.

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