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During the 15th century, "visiting cards" were used in both China and Japan and used to initiate important relationships.

In the world of smart mobile devices and laptops, 27 million business cards printed daily. Business cards hold an important part in the business world and should step into the 21st Century; even so, it should have happened much earlier. The young generation will be quick to adopt the change while entering today's business world.

How many business cards are printed?

Even so, we all exist in the digital age for over three decades; according to statistics,
27 million business cards are printed daily. Try to use the imagination and visualize the number 27 million. This number turns into almost 10,000,000,000 business cards printed annually.

How many business cards are thrown out within a week?

Of the 10 billion cards printed each year, 8 billion will be tossed within a week. That's 80% of the cards printed. Despite the 8 billion cards being tossed, a company's sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out. Imagine the impact on your business if those 88% of business cards had stayed out of the waste bin.

Why did people choose to throw business cards away?

People are used to living the moment. 63% of people feel this way and throw the card away without a second thought, simply because the service is not needed now.

What is the average cost of a business card?

The average business card cost in the US is $194. It depends on the quality and complexity of the card itself. The range varies based on who makes the cards.

Print shops offer basic design and print within $10-$50 price range. Hiring a professional to design and create your cards could cost closer to the $500 range.

What is the world's most expensive business card?

The Black Astrum Signature Card is the world's most expensive one. The cost is $1,500 per card, and it comes in studded 30 carats worth of diamonds and is made of Swiss metal.

What are the basics of business card design?

The first rule is to keep it simple. Overcrowd it, and it will find it's way to the trash. Keeping the balance, readability, and comprehension is the key.

Choosing the right font can be crucial. Mixing up more than one font can create clutter.

If you don't want your business card to be one of the 88% tossed, do not just add a photo that makes the card more memorable. The goal is to make the card as enticing as possible.
What's the importance
of a QR code on a business card?

QR codes instantly provide information that you couldn't fit on the business card you wish to include in your business card. Almost 50% of businesses use QR codes in some component of their marketing plan. The big question remains: why do we still print out the business card?!
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What is the most common business card mistake?

The number one mistake is to choose cheap paper. People judge your business on your business card. Avoid it by choosing a digital format.
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Why do we use business cards?

The corporate world is filled with business cards that serve as the number one networking tool. It's the icebreaker during a meeting and the branding when you part. Business cards continue to network for you long after you part ways. It lets your partners know you encourage future contact.
Let every tree count…
Make it stand out!

Small businesses need business cards just as much. It adds value and lets potential clients know your business "exists." It lets the others know you have a legitimate business

Use it wisely!
Using recycled paper lets clients know you care about the environment. Given the fact that 88% of business cards are thrown out, you can show your support by using recycled paper. However, it's not enough!

Paper manufacturing uses the third largest amount of fossil fuels worldwide. It requires almost 324 liters of water to produce just one kilogram of paper. These statistics and more show that paper production does, indeed, require substantial resources that could be better used elsewhere if recycling were more prevalent.

Sustainable Choices
«Whereas many have focused attention on a recycling effort, not much has been done to reduce paper use. A focus on resource conservation may be more crucial to this issue than resource recycling. »

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