A safe way to exchange valuable business information
The relevance of no human touch technology arises and becomes more important than ever considering the threat of infection spread. The business community should be able to exchange valuable information, such as business cards, deliver the company message without exchanging prints & cardboards, and to maintain the ability to adapt to remote work mode, reduce waste & save natural resources.

An outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak delivering the company's message without exposing your employees, partners, or customers has to be the primary goal for the future of the global and local business networks.
Delivering your company message anytime, anywhere
Eventrys is offering safe, touchless, wearable, cost-efficient, and easy to use Content Delivery System with social, public health, and environmental concerns in mind. Our product is the new digital tool for:
  • Digital Business Cards for instant remote sharing
  • Touchless marketing content, promotional materials, technical information, and business cards sharing
  • Touchless hardware for information sharing
  • Wearable solution for instant information sharing

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