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The latest enouncement made by GSMA on February 12, 2020, canceling the world's biggest mobile industry event, MWC Barcelona, due to coronavirus threat, will surely have a massive impact on the event organizing industry. In his statement, GSMA CEO John Hoffman said the coronavirus outbreak has made it "impossible" to hold the event. MWC scheduled to take place in Barcelona between February 24th and the 27th.

MWC has been taking place annually for thirty-three years in a row since the first show in 1987. The whole industry will have to rethink the path chosen and adapt to the new circumstances and the outcome of the globalization process. For better or for worseglobalization is claiming its toll, and no one can ignore it any longer.

Coronavirus infections have exceeded more than 1 000 000, with the total number of deaths at more than 165 257, while China remains the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, infected individuals exposed outside PRC — in Europe, US & other parts of Asia.

An outbreak of the SARS virus back in 2003 affected 26 countries and resulted in more than 8000 cases. It clear now, seeing the results of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, that the event industry must adjust to the alternative ways of content delivery. The events are all about the interaction between people, but on the other hand, viruses are mainly transferred by touch or sharing objects, making networking as safe as possible is now the main concern for event organizers.

Delivering the company's message without putting your staff & visitors at risk should be the primary goal for the future of global events. To be able to exchange business cards, leaflets, brochures, and any other content without exchanging paper and minimizing the risks. The relevance of no human physical touch technology arises and becomes more important than ever considering viruses spread the threat.

Safe content delivery — is the new item on your checklist …
EVENTRYS is here to offer the solution

We are offering long-term sustainable, easy to use, and safe content management and delivery system with social and environmental concerns in mind while developing wearable content delivery technology that will minimize the risks of being exposed to virus's inflammation.

Delivering the message without putting your teams at risk

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